Why QuickWatch?


Only 15% of organizations who utilize technology do so safely. The rest have been victims of malware, phishing attacks and devastating viruses like cryptolocker. (a)


Only a single business workstation infected since 2018! Also, 97.8% of our residential clients have been infection free since 2018. (b)


A whopping 30% of business have absolutely NO disaster recovery plan, but at least 56% of them understand that ransomware and viruses can hijack or destroy their data if not backed up properly. (c)


QuickWatch manages and maintains over 125TB of important business and personal data. We do it securely, safely and correctly. (d)


Over 100,000 routers in homes and businesses were, and still are, compromised by attackers. (e)


Absolutely ZERO routers managed by QuickWatch have ever been compromised. We proactively patch and monitor our client's networks to keep things secure! (f)


Of all the websites that get hacked, a whopping 83% of them run WordPress. It's the most popular web platform in existence and so is highly targeted. (g)


NONE of our websites have been hacked because we update, secure and manage. (h)


A slow computer can cost a business up to $5,000 per yer PER EMPLOYEE due to decreased productivity alone. (i)


Our tools and team keep your business fast and efficient. Love your digital life with QuickWatch.

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i. Based on average salary of $60k. Multiple sources used as well as our own calculations.