Free Clean-up if Infected

You can’t prevent infections, but you can reduce their impact. got hacked a short while ago. If you had visited their site and did not have a current version of Java or Adobe Flash, you would have gotten attacked and infected with the RedKit exploit. This bit of malware deploys a banking trojan called Citadel. Citadel is designed to steal banking credentials. NBC fixed this hack in a few hours, but the fact remains that if NBC can get hacked… anyone can. The current, crazy threat landscape we see today is why we are offering very-strong malware protection coupled with a no-infection guarantee.

We have SIGNIFICANTLY lower infection rates than other programs and services. If we didn’t, we could not offer this no-virus guarantee!

I realize you have great protection, but what if I DO get infected?

In the unlikely event that you get an infection while you are a subscriber to QuickWatch, then we will clean up the infection for free. Below is how it works.

  1. Contact us
  2. We will clean the infection remotely, and you will be charged nothing for this cleanup work.
  3. You are done!

In this scenario, we can clean off the infections, and you are ready to go. However, it is important to know that infections can cause damage to the operating system and leave behind computer “scar tissue”… it is not possible for us to click everywhere you may click to check for scar tissue.When you get back to your clean PC, test it out and make sure it works to your satisfaction as soon as possible!

For all customers:

  1. Once get back your PC, you have 48 hours to report a glitch. If you call within that 48-hour window, we will fix the glitch for free and assume it was scar tissue from the infection. If it is after that 48-hour window, you must pay for the repair.
    For customers with Unlimited Remote Support:
  2. You do not pay for any remote maintenance. However, it is critical that you take the time in the next 48 hours to report a glitch. Some problems can be very elusive and the sooner we can get to the problem, the more efficient and effective we can be. It is not good to waste your time and ours chasing after a very old issue. Let us knock it out ASAP! We want to do this for you!

But what if the infection totally killed or mangled my PC?

In the unlikely event that the infection has destroyed your operating system to the point that we cannot clean it (for instance, your computer will no longer start up) than you have two options:

  1. If you are close to our service center, you may drop the computer off, and we will reinstall the operating system on your computer assuming there are no hardware problems.
  2. If you are NOT close to our service center, we will research a good local computer repair company and help you schedule service. Once they get your computer running and online, call us so we can remotely ensure it is ready!

If we (or a 3rd party) must rebuild your computer’s operating system, the good news is that your computer will be like brand new. Clean as a whistle and as fast as possible! The bad news is that your computer will be like brand new. You will need to reinstall software, printers, etc.

Rebuilding your computer may require that you provide your software disks or that you purchase new software if you don’t have disks.

Once the computer has been rebuilt, you may need help reconfiguring your system at your home or office. This can usually be done remotely and is zero charge for our unlimited remote support customers. Other customers must pay hourly for any reconfiguration help.

If you are close to us, you may decide you want us to deliver your computer (at your place) and set it all up for you… you may decide to do it yourself… or you may want to get your nephew or tech-savvy neighbor to do this stuff for you. Whatever you choose to do, we are here to help! Any on-site work we do is billed at our standard rate. If you are not close to our repair locations, we will help to find a good local repair tech to help you with this should you need it.